Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Subject:   Adding web application under separate filesystem ...
Date:   2002-08-16 12:26:58
From:   dbarnick
I've been trying to assist the java application developer by "deploying" his application under Tomcat. What we want to do is get the web-app to work from a totally separate (unix) filesystem, something like "/company/test/project", where this "/company/..." is *the* filesystem. I've searched the web and have been unable to find any examples of deploying an application in this manner - the examples all seem to point to placing it under the "/examples" structure under the tomcat server-root, or under the ROOT structure. The application DOES work if we place it under the /examples structure, but we don't want to deploy a production version, or even a test version under "examples". We want to keep production, test, and development totally separate if possible. Whenever I try the separate filesystem approach, I get the nebulous error message "The request resource (/company/test/project) is not available". I've tried several variations of "

Don Barnick

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