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Subject:   matadata plugins
Date:   2007-02-19 04:55:07
From:   ptwobrussell
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I haven't looked into this extensively, but from reviewing Apple's "Spotlight Importer Programming Guide", I'm led to believe that as of now (remember Spotlight is still kinda new), there may not be a great answer. This quote

New Spotlight importers are detected by comparing the date of the top-level .mdimporter directory.
If the date is the same as a previously loaded importer, the new importer is not detected. If you copy
the updated importer to the Spotlight directory using
cp -r
the change is not noted by Spotlight.
The solution is to either remove the existing importer before copying the updated version, or use the
command on the importer's .mdimporter directory to explicitly update the date

makes me think that Spotlight is keeping dibs on the directories where plug-ins live, acting accordingly, and there isn't a single file somewhere that gets updated. (Otherwise that doc may have simply had you reference it.) You may want to hit up the Cocoa-dev mailing list and see if anyone knows differently...or if Leopard is going to offer a new way to do this.

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