Subject:   hardware
Date:   2007-02-21 17:08:21
From:   invex
we need to re desgine the systems to work with new hardware that works with web 2.0 we can't rely on old software even if its windows vista. because as it may seem the companys benifit from content ipod worked for music. a web developement machine for different sites every site gets there own hard ware and we can boom economy prices by teaming major corps together like apple and microsoft and sun micosystems together. to create a small device that may use cards to do different things or get diifferent info running on aaa or AA batteries. we need to get rid of the rechargers or create hospital safe batteries and hospital safe hardware those who really need internet are in hospitals those who stay over night and if they have to stay overnight want there info and they can't.
and the programers have to figure out an out of the box idea for different programing language for each hard ware.