Greg Scallon on Online Printing and Books
Subject:   Another Lost Opportunity
Date:   2007-03-01 10:10:16
From:   brittonfraley
The next time you conduct an interview, might I suggest heading over to the discussions forum at Apple to see what people really want to know about Aperture. I'm of the impression you either don't really use Aperture for professional use, or you aren't taking the time to prepare intelligent questions.

The album design facility in Aperture is the one with the most promise and yet almost useless to professionals at this stage. You could have asked:

When can we expect to see an album template in a size other than 8.5x11"? There is currently not one single album vendor that produces books in this size.

Is it possible for users to create their own templates somehow?

How can users best prepare their images for printing on Apple's books?

What is the difference between the books that Apple makes and those made by MyPublisher, Shutterfly, Snapfish, SharedInk, Kodak, etc. that appear to be identical?

Why is there branding on a book made for professionals?

How can users profile the book?

What is the status of the Asukabook and Apple/Aperture partnership?

Is Apple looking to change printing technology to the HP Indigo or something else to better compete with Asukabook, Blurb, and Digilabs? What printing technologies is Apple looking at for the future?

What can we expect to see in the album design module in future releases of Aperture?