Create Podcasts Using Your PC
Subject:   Podcast Development tool
Date:   2007-03-08 06:39:55
From:   jeffgoz
I have an easier way to create audio and video podcasts! I had an email sent with the following information. I tried SnapKast and it worked so I purchased it. It is very easy and records both mpeg4 and/or mpeg3 I sent the company an email and they are looking at psp as well as cell phone delivery.

I recommend it for the non technical users!

SnapKast -- -- allows one to very easily create
audio and video podcasts on Windows PCs. Open a PowerPoint file in
SnapKast, record your slides, whiteboard, voice, and annotations from a
mouse, tablet or intelligent whiteboard pen. MP3 audio and MPEG-4 video
files are created from the recording session for sharing with others.
You may also create a full RSS feed with one or more of your sessions --
this payload can be published to any web site hosting podcasts.

SnapKast session sample sessions can be found on and

You can download SnapKast on