Five Things You Need to Know About Virtual Server
Subject:   Linux Support
Date:   2007-03-08 17:01:36
From:   joelnatividad1
is simply abysmal on Virtual Server.

Out of curiosity, I tried Virtual Machine Additions for Linux, and it simply doesn't pass muster.

There's a dearth of support information on VMA for Linux and its still not officially released and is stuck in beta limbo.

If MS is serious about competing with VMWare in the virtualization space, they should be ready to acknowledge that serious virtualization users most often use virtualization to run different guest OSes (read Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.) and not just another flavor of Windows.

In a toe-to-toe comparison with VMWare's free Virtual Server, what does MS have to offer that virtualization pioneer VMWare does not have?

Heck, VMWare even runs Windows faster than Virtual PC!

C'mon MS, get serious about virtualization!