Web Apps with Tiger: Getting Started
Subject:   Method to install PHP
Date:   2007-03-08 20:43:51
From:   jimmech
Long ago I installed the Complete Apache2 binary package from Server Logistics to run my web site. Now I want to start using PHP and MySQL with it, but I can't quite figure out the best way to install them. If I try to install the packages from Fink or Darwin Ports, there seem to be weird dependency issues, plus I'm not sure they'd be able to find the non-standard installation of Apache 2 (i.e. in ~/Library/Apache2.
If I download the Complete packages from Server Logistics for PHP and MySQL, I will have outdated versions of each. Mark Linyage has binary versions, but they only use the Apache version that came installed with OSX. As you can see, none of these choices is ideal; I'd appreciate a recommendation as to the least hassle way to get these apps running without having to rip everything out! Thanks.