PyCon 2007 Wrapup
Subject:   Django and Python
Date:   2007-03-09 11:00:48
From:   Manosk
Hi Jeremy, excellent article... as always!

I discovered Python in 2006 because of Django and I'm really satisfied. Finally I can build a real web application in a matter of days. I work in the media business so deadlines are very tight and most apps need an admin panel which is free in Django.

I was a Rails user but I migrated to Django especially for the "one project/many apps" concept.

It is a matchless tool for creating and managing complex and growing content sites.

I don't know Turbogears but I think Django is more tested for large news sites since it's already in use at World Online and at The Washington Post. The complete list of Django powered sites is at

As for new Python books you forgot to cite the book I used to learn Python "Core Python Programming" (2nd Edition 2006).

Python in a Nutshell (2nd Edition) is also an excellent reference book which is always on my desk. Alex Martelli is a great technical writer!

Of course we are all waiting for the publication of the Django Book by Apress in 2007 currently available as a free beta book at

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