Weblog:   The Growing Politicization of Open Source
Subject:   Right or Wrong?
Date:   2002-08-17 17:52:12
From:   swbobcat
There is just one small fly in the ointment:Microsoft etal. have been forcing the use of their propriatary sofyware for ages, and left unchecked this will continue to go on. Requiring the use of Open Source in government is the only way to balance the software companies domination of what we MUST use -- there is NO CHOICE in this matter.

Real or not, when governments require that Open Source be used unless there is a compelling reason to use commercial software forces companies like Microsoft to compete by offering software that competes feature for feature with Open Source, and may ultimately force companies, such as Microsoft, to design better software, and modify their licensing policies, so that people can afford them, if not.... well they go broke at some point.

In short, Right or Wrong, at the current time, the only way for governments to get software that competes on merit, and softweare that does not lock the government into one company's product, is to legislate that Open Source be used unless a propriatary company, like Microsoft, can prove that their products are worthy of use, trans platform applicable, and will not lead to lock in. Legislation is the only way to obtain these results, and balance the polictical heft thrown around by a Microsoft who runs to the U.S. Ambassidor to lobby on its behalf -- which is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Self determination is important.

We are ignoring the fact that the software industry has been politicalized for YEARS, through lobbying, and campaige donations, and Microsoft has shown us just how political its is. Until Microsoft can stop running to the U.S. Ambassador to lobby on its behalf in the internal political policies of foreign countries, politicalization of Open Source will become a fact of life since it it is doing is fighting fire with fire.