Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques
Subject:   Consistency problem?
Date:   2007-03-14 08:43:53
From:   UloPe

thank you for you interesting article.

I have a quation though.

Lets assume we have 4 servers (A,B,C,D) setup to replicate as follows: A->B->C->-D->A

As I understand your setup the following will happen if we pull the plug on C:
D should switch over to B as its master.

But here is the question: what happens if there are updates made on B while C is already dead? As soon (i.e. 30-59 sec if checkinterval is 30 s) as D detects that C is gone it will tell B to "reset master" and switch over, thereby missing all the changes that happend on A and B for maybe nearly a minute.

Am I correct in that assumption or did i miss something?



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