The Sharp Zaurus -- A Lovely Little Computer
Subject:   Sync
Date:   2002-08-19 04:24:30
From:   smashcam
The only problem is the sync to a Linux system using Evolution E-mail with the addon to talk to Exchange2000. If you run a Micro$oft system you have the sync to outlook that inturn can sysnc to the Exchange server but try to have it sync to a Linux Box using the USB -> Evolution! not done yet?
Why? As for the usage of this fine Zaurus5500 --> Outstanding! I have a Wireless Network and it works fine! all the tools that it comes with... Number one! The CompactFlash card and the SD_Card! at the same time! WOW. Someone came to me and needed to use a Overhead that uses the CompF. they had a Job on a SDcard. I could use my Zaurus to move the Data from on over to the other in no time! I can also check a network using the Terminal. This is the Best PDA on the shelf!

Why pay for what you can get for FREE!! use LINUX