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Subject:   how to open my sql in command prompt window
Date:   2007-03-21 01:44:19
From:   dharanipavuluri
i have installed my sql server 5.0 on my desktop
as u told to aceess my sql from command prompt window, i was not able to do so.i went to c drive there into instantrails---rails_apps--over here u told u to access my command prompt window to access to my sql whether i need to load mysql into rails_apps since u have shown it tht we need to open under rails_apps.plz suggest me necessary software to run this tutorial whether i need to install any special version of sql or needed to install my sql in any folder of instant rails.i would be thank ful your responce

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  1. how to open my sql in command prompt window
    2007-03-21 03:52:02  Bill Walton | [View]

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