When Linux Runs Out of Memory
Subject:   Parsing /proc/meminfo before 'malloc'ing
Date:   2007-03-22 21:20:36
From:   Unna.KB
Sorry. I came across this article after nearly 4 months since it is written. I found this article very useful. I need a help to improve the memory performance of my embedded system.
I have a memory performance testcase scenario wherein I allocate two chunks of 32 MB , memset chunk1 to all 1s. Then, memcpy chunk1 to chunk2. In this process, i get my running process killed when it is performing memcpy at 27MB. So, as suggested in the article, i tried to parse the /proc/meminfo file for free usable memory before a malloc operation. Usable Memory = MemFree + Cached, as Buffers and SwapFree are not applicable in my case. MemTotal = 71MB.
Before allocation of chunk 1, it showed 60MB of Usable Memory. I allocated chunk 1 using malloc. When i again checked for usable memory for allocating chunk 2 it again showed 60 MB. Should not it alerted me by showing 28 MB, so that i would have averted from allocating the next chunk of 32 MB. Please advice me on how to avoid such memory allocations. Which other field i need to check in the /proc/meminfo.?

I cannot use strict overcommit in my system, as application has been on its final stage of development, tuning to strict overcommit leads to lot of NO MEMORY errors.

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