Build a Dashboard Widget
Subject:   It doesn't work
Date:   2007-03-23 20:01:10
From:   jeffclough
Response to: It doesn't work

Some trial and error shows that the output control can only hold up to 366 lines of text. This seems like an odd number, so maybe it's different from system to system (or version to version or whatever). I just used the head command to truncate the output:

if (document.getElementById('programName').value != null) {
var commandLine =
'groff -mandoc -Tascii -P-b -P-c `/usr/bin/man -w "'
+ document.getElementById('programName').value+'"`'
+ ' | head -366 | /bin/cat';
var output = widget.system(commandLine, null);
document.getElementById('outputArea').value = output.outputString;