When Linux Runs Out of Memory
Subject:   Re: Parsing /proc/meminfo before 'malloc'ing
Date:   2007-03-24 10:36:40
From:   mulyadi_santosa
Response to: Parsing /proc/meminfo before 'malloc'ing

Hi Unna..

Sorry for this late reply. I am also confused why it can actually report there was still 60 MB of free memory after you do malloc()+memset() the first 32 MB block. The things I can suggest are:
1. Please make sure you get a valid memory report. There is a chance you are reading not-up-to-date information (kinda delayed).

2. Find out more about your OS. Is it Linux? BSD? else? Pay attention for things like how they actually do memory allocation. I also forgot to tell the reader one thing (more because I haven't done closer research about it), kernel actually reserves some amount of RAM for special purpose. I don't know the exact amount, so you probably hit this "unseen" area.

Feel free to reply on this thread... and anyone may CMIIW.



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