Subject:   Wrong term - Stop using it
Date:   2007-03-26 10:04:09
From:   meshman
Please stop with the Web 2.0 term. It is entirely inaccurate.

The Web is not the content. The web is a delivery platform for content. So by declaring Web 2.0 (how nice of you to do that for everyone), you're implying there is a whole new level of technology for what we call The Web.

There isn't. We're still using IPv4. We're still using HTML, XML, javascript, PHP and every language we've always known for web development. I understand what "Web 2.0" is but the term is completely wrong for the above reason.

Web 2.0 will be IPv6 and a host of converged, universal development, transport and hosting technologies. Not some social networking paradigm made up by people that don't understand how the Internet works.

How is Internet banking Web 2.0? When will Microsoft come up with the "Web 2.0 Server"? Will there be a Web 2.0 version of Apache? No, because social networking and user rating aren't about the technology. They exist because of the technology.

Those of us that actually work with the technology supported by this new paradigm are smacking our collective foreheads. You're holding up an apple and calling it an orange. Plus to make it worse, you're being applauded for it by people equally as ignorant about what the Internet is. Apples are not oranges. This social networking paradigm is not the next 'version of the web'. The term World Wide Web is universal. That which the term Web 2.0 refers to, is not.

I don't mean this as a troll, I'm speaking from decades of experience in this technology. What you describe is NOT Web 2.0. Please stop corrupting what we all know to be standards and call it something else.

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