PHP Search Engine Showdown
Subject:   you're mistaken to dismiss Xapian
Date:   2007-03-30 03:41:05
From:   heathd

in your article you describe Xapian as "not recommended". I think this is mistaken. Xapian is one of the most powerful, high performance, flexible, open source search+indexing systems around. Benefits include:

  1. the ability to do real-time (re)-indexing on added/modified/deleted documents.

  2. bindings for many programming languages
  3. based on sound theoretical basis
  4. stemmers for many human languages:

Xapian is in successful use on many websites. One I have personal experience of is Try out the search of this large database and see how fast it is.

You also state that Xapian "is not PHP5 compatible" but then 2 sentences later mention a "PHP 5-compatible Xapian extension". Although I have not used it in PHP5 myself, there appear to be several people who have used Xapian successfully in PHP5:


    (link broken at time of writing, so google cache version:)


for an intro read "Homo Xapian - The Search For a Better Search… Engine" in June 2005 PHP Architect:

David Heath