ActionScript for Non-Coders
Subject:   cant make it work
Date:   2007-03-30 23:29:48
From:   InvasiveInfection
Response to: cant make it work

yeah, i was stumped on how exactly to make this thing work, too. but it's actually pretty easy. all you have to do is go into the sample animation (the one with the waterfall) and click on the virtual camera (transparent box in the middle of the stage). then, it's just a matter of copying that virtual camera and pasting it directly onto the stage of YOUR animation. you might notice, on playback of any animation you make, the screen is black. this can be remedied by altering the brightness of the vcam from -100 to 0. then, motion tween away!!! note, however, that in motion tweening the black background can be used for fade ins and outs. duh.