A Chat with Nobi
Subject:   Interesting... and a long time coming!
Date:   2007-04-01 15:09:12
From:   jeffc
Good to see concise snapshots of the Japanese Mac market from such a knowledgeable source.

The Aozora Bank and Tokyo University deals had high profiles with English-speakers at the time. I guess the big news there is, Nobi's not naming any more recent imitators; shame about that.

Re: iPhone/iPod/iTunes... Japanese business won't simply let Apple decide the template for partnerships. Why should it? Content owners wanting more money for the goods is the same on both sides of the Pacific, but Asia has had time to observe, conclude and prepare a counter to the Steve Jobs version of the world.

But Sony's is "catching up" with Apple? I guess the TiVo-like platform is really looming large. I don't think music on Mylo or movies on PS3 would justify a comment like that.

Thanks for the read!