Ensuring DHCP Server Availability
Subject:   DHCP Servers Confilct
Date:   2007-04-08 23:32:10
From:   llcoolj
I have 2 DHCP servers on 2 different subnets but on the same physical network (shared wires) between two separate properties 1000 feet apart.

DHCP server 1 is the primary domain controller and is supposed to service wired clients on the one network connecting both properties sharing the same subnet (

DHCP server 2 is an internet access gateway which is connected to wireless access points at both properties(sharing the same wires) and services wireless clients connecting to the WAPs via a different subnet. (

The problem is that each DHCP server is able to assign addresses to clients on the other subnet and this causes a conflict.I need each server to assign addresses to clients on their subnet only. Need help in solving this conflict.