Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around
Subject:   It's the little things
Date:   2002-08-20 22:25:45
From:   latrebor
You ask why doesn't everyone switch to OSX. You're article is very positive and discusses all the big stuff available for OSX. You fail however to more realistically address all the little things that don't work.

I have OSX on all my Macs but I boot all of them in OS 9. An example of what I mean is Documents to Go. Until about 1 week ago it didn't work with Palm Desktop 4; the version needed for OSX. There were no network drivers for using HP inkjets over a network. When the driver came out I installed it and found I could no longer sync my Palm. I tried to get adice on fixing this and none was available.

I could go on but won't, in as much as I think the point is clear. I am desperate to go all the way to OSX but there are a number of little but critical things which are needed to make it possible to switch all the way.

For now I just remain vigilant and hopeful.
Loyal Mac User