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Subject:   Duplicate Certificates in Keychain
Date:   2007-04-12 06:41:27
From:   jasonedwards
I requested, received and installed the Thawte Certificate as per the instructions of the article. After I exported the certificate from Firefox I imported it to a separate keychain (B). My default login keychain is called (A). Everything seems to work except...

I have 2 certificate in keychain A... although I imported the certificate to keychain B.

Keychain A (defualt) contains:
1) certificate
2) Thawte Personal Freemail Issuing CA expires 2013

Keychain B (the one I imported cert to) contains:
1) certificate (duplicate from A)
2) Thawte Personal Freemail Issuing CA expires 2013 (duplicate from A)
3) Thawte Personal Freemail CA expires 2020

My questions are...
Why do I have anything in A if I imported the cert to B?
Can I delete the certificates from A?
What are the differences/uses for the 3 different Certificates?

Thanks for the time,


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  1. Duplicate Certificates in Keychain
    2007-04-12 07:53:47  jasonedwards [View]

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