Five Ways to Improve Your Perl Programming
Subject:   When is the book coming out?
Date:   2007-04-12 13:26:12
From:   joshuawait
Thanks for the great article with some helpful tips. I always enjoy reading your columns. So when is the book Mastering Perl coming out?

On a different note, I appreciate the mentioning of Perl Best Practices. Having read Learning Perl many years ago, I've come to think that the way that particular book was structured favors Perl's TMTOWTD culture over best practices.

I've wondered what Learning Perl would look like if significant parts of it were rewritten with all of the guidelines of Perl Best Practices squarely in focus.

I think learning Perl would have been much easier for me. I also think the code that I've written as quick hacks on a Friday afternoon to fix problems for my coworkers would have evolved more logically and systematically. Or at least I fantasize so!