Digital Media Insider Podcast 8: A Theme Come True
Subject:   Using Music in Podcasts
Date:   2007-04-13 15:33:44
From:   robert shaver
I'd just about given up on listing to podcasts... then I happened to click on "Digital Media Insider Podcast 10: Annoying Audio". This has got to be the best podcast I've ever heard. It used the audio media in the most creative and entertaining ways.

So now I'm subscribed to "Digital Media Insider" and listening to the podcasts in reverse order.

I do create some podcasts and plan to do more. I also produce video for various reasons so I was interested in what you said about creating your own theme music.

Since I have Final Cut Studio, I've been using the loop composer in Sound Track Pro, but I'm not very satisfied with my results. Can you recommend and articles or books that might help me improve my skills in that area?

How much did all the software you used to create your example cost? I looked at Albeton Live but spending another $500 just doesn't seem like the way to go.

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