Joe Buissink on Capturing the Moment
Subject:   The Emporer's Clothes
Date:   2007-04-14 01:25:43
From:   CPaul
Mr. Bussnick and his oft repeated quote about the "decisive moment" has been pounded, extrapolated, poured, and set to mold for so long that Henri should roll over in his grave and regret he did not trade mark the statement. But,anyone who has taken an interest in his writing would understand that was not his style. He was low key, in the shadows - wanting to stand out, but rather to fit in - invisably, and capture the image purely as it happened. Those that stand on their soap box and and say "look at me! I can quote a great photographer" have missed the message. I read one of his lectures given at the University of Chicago in the 40's where a question was asked: "Do you ever shoot with a Flash?" upon which he stated, "Shooting with a Flash is like bringing a pistol to the Opera".

I miss him immensley . . . . .

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