Joe Schorr on Color Management in Aperture
Subject:   What if onscreen proofing goes bad?
Date:   2007-04-18 02:52:13
From:   beezeyeview
I have one particular HP8750 profile that is NOT working (one that contains the blue photo ink-tricolor-gray photo). What happens then? It is the primary profile that I use and I cannot allow Aperture to control the process. Something went wrong. These articles are fantastic - but what happens when onscreen proofing goes bad? Where do you go for information then? I have searched high and low with no results. It was working one day with the printer presets and the next it had a major colorcast.

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  1. What if onscreen proofing goes bad?
    2007-04-26 04:48:13  cheechmaroon [View]

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