Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   indoor sports
Date:   2007-04-19 12:50:01
From:   fotog
I use manual mode and a 50mm lens set at f2 to f2.8 on my D200 (used to use a D70)for basketball and volleyball. I use the spotmeter and dial in -1 or -.7 exposure compensation. I set the shutter speed at 1/250th and enable the auto-iso function. Shoot at the highest resolution, spot meter off the face or jersey, and adjust and crop in Photoshop. I shoot in bursts of 3. Favorite spot to shoot basketball is from about 10 behind the basket. People have made beautiful posters from some of the files, and 4x6s are gorgeous. No flash, so you're unobtrusive and you get a lot of keepers because you don't have to wait for the flash to cycle, iso stays low enough to where you don't get much noise, using the spot-meter insures that the uneven lighting in the gym gets compensated for, and depth of field on a 50mm is excellent. Tungsten -2 is the white balance I like for our gym. This technique works extremely well.