Panther Maintenance Tips
Subject:   great tips, BUT!
Date:   2007-04-21 06:49:20
From:   vllada21
Hello, I am a recent "switcher" from PC, and I am still in darknes about most of "behind the curtain" operations of mac os..
So my problem is folowing..
I now own a powerbook g4 running on Panther os upgarded to 10.4.9 - 1.6GHz - 15", very nice, and after a few days I expirienced a crash.
So being that I am used to crashes on PC, I just ignored it, some time latter Safari just disapeared, and over and over agian, togather with some other apps. So NOW Im worried..
Today I downloaded various utilitys and one of them performed a disk checkup and prompted me a warrning that disk has not passed verifycation, and that I need to repair it using my Installation software. But the problem is that this is a used computer that I bought from a cousin of a friend, or something like that.. :)
I dit the checkup w disk utility and the same message came up, but the REPAIR button is not active.. So What do I do NOW?

Also the first screwup I did, being that I never used mac os x, was that I deleted mu HELP (idiot, of all the things.. I know, I know..) So where can I download it, and How do I install it agian and where?

Another thin I wanna know is how to make a PARTITION on my HDD?

Please Help.

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  1. great tips, BUT!
    2007-05-10 06:20:33  tomithy [View]

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