Digital Media Insider Podcast 11: Synth Mania, Part 1
Subject:   cliche sfx, too!
Date:   2007-04-21 10:18:57
From:   pdx
excellent podcast! that the sound produced by a synth patch is subordinate to performance is an idea that resonates very well with my view of composition in a digital world. the synth sound is not *un*important; it's just *less* important than what you DO with it (or in musician speak: dude! stop twiddling your knobs and PLAY something! :)

but it's not only cliche synth patchs you hear over and over again ... it's cliche sound effects too: there's this one dolphin chirp from the Sound Ideas library that i hear *every*single*time* any dolphin is displayed on TV or in a movie (i think it may have originated with "Flipper" in the 60's). there's also a chimp ooh-ooh-aah-aah sound from that same library that gets used over and over again. and let's not even talk about the "Wilhelm scream" ...

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  1. David Battino photo cliche sfx, too!
    2007-04-21 22:31:31  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    • cliche sfx, too!
      2007-04-22 12:20:45  pdx [View]

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