Digital Media Insider Podcast 11: Synth Mania, Part 1
Subject:   cliche sfx, too!
Date:   2007-04-21 22:31:31
From:   DavidBattino
Response to: cliche sfx, too!

Great point, PDX. My original Top 20 list (reprinted at had a few sound effects.

I remember sitting in a bar with a game audio programmer and seeing him suddenly wince. He explained that he'd just heard a tire screech on the TV hanging behind him and recognized it as the one everyone uses — I think it was also from the Sound Ideas sample library.

As I was reading your examples, I was going to chime in with the Wilhelm Scream, but see you beat me to it! Here's a compilation of clips from movies featuring it:

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  1. cliche sfx, too!
    2007-04-22 12:20:45  pdx [View]

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