Syncing iTunes
Subject:   Synching iTunes on PC
Date:   2007-04-24 16:34:51
From:   boblathome
I figured out this solution that seems to work and brings your smart playlists along as well. On your host PC from where your music sits, map a drive M: to where your music sits, i.e., if your music is at C:\Music\, create a share named Music. Then map a drive M: that has the path C:\Music.
On all other PC's, map the M: drive via file explorer network browsing to \\hostpcname\Music (this is the share path on your host PC). You then need to copy your "iTunes Music Library.xml" and "iTunes Library.itl" files from your host PC, usually at C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents\My Music\iTunes to each PC where the same files sit (backup your originals for insurance purposes). Then, just change in iTunes on the Advanced tab at "Edit >> Preferences" the "iTunes Music folder location" to point to "M:\". You should then be able to open up iTunes on each PC and see the same songs, playlists, etc. The copy will only work if iTunes is closed on each PC. I have a job scheduled to copy the itl and xml files daily at a 6AM to my other PC's. Remember to only change file names, add lyrics, etc. on the host PC and those changes will propogate with each copy.