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Date:   2007-04-25 01:45:28
From:   juandelacruz
Dear Mr. Jeff Bezos,

I tried to look for an e-mail where I can forward my letter directly to you
but I can't find it.I don't want to use my log-in because I might be traced.

I am working for NCO Inc. Philippines as call center representative of I am working for for more than 5 months now. I am now desperate, as my fellow agents too, how to resolve our issues. NCO have not addressed our concerns properly.
Every payday many of us have salary disputes. We are not getting the rightful salary that is due to us. Manila, Philippines is currently implementing mandatory overtime due to high volume of calls and yet, we are not getting the salary we worked for. Mandatory overtime was implemented because we don't have enough agents to handle the high volume of calls. Primary reason is many agents are resigning because of salary disputes. Supervisors are also resigning because of disputes. Managers are also resigning, not because of dispute but because of our Peaches Arispacochagas'(Service Delivery Manager) management. More agents have filed their resignation, others are planning to resign and the main reason of resignation is salary dispute.

As a result of this problem, our customer service is greatly affected, our calls are really bad. This means more dissatisfied customers. This is the main reason why Manila's EDR (expressed dissatisfaction rating) is the lowest among all sites.

We love our job but our job is not loving us back. We are helpless sir. Please do something about this. I know you have the power to help us uplift our morale.