Joe Schorr on Color Management in Aperture
Subject:   What if onscreen proofing goes bad?
Date:   2007-04-26 04:48:13
From:   cheechmaroon
Response to: What if onscreen proofing goes bad?

Ahh! At least I'm not alone. I too have the 8750 and have called HP(who wanted a fee) and Apple. I have posted on the Aperture forum and found some more who use this combination and have the same problem. Something is dreadfully wrong with Aperture when it looks at the HP profiles. I'd like to say it that way since every other program seems to accurately translate the profiles for the 8750 except for Aperture. I get a sewage yellow cast to all my prints. When I use the generic profiles in Aperture, the prints turn out OK and similar to what's on screen. When printing with the 8750 profiles, it looks like what's on screen too..... which is reeallly really bad. The only way I can tell around this is to do a custom calibration with each paper you'll use. But, of course, that will cost you money for the hardware and needless time. We both bought this printer because all the reviews said that the included profiles were pretty spot on- other than the 8 inks. Come on, Apple... do me right and fix this please. (and please bring native support for Sigma DSLRs)