The SSH Cryptosystem
Subject:   SSH2 Authentication ...
Date:   2007-04-28 22:15:25
From:   cinemodS
Hi Dru,

I am using putty to access my firewall. I setup ssh2 up a long time ago : ^) I read your article, probably need to read it a few more times and I will.

When I launch the putty session to my host, my auth log shows:

sshd[42828]: Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for <username> from <ipaddress> port <#> ssh2

I would like to use RSA authentication. What do I need to do? Putty has a keygen utility - do I need to use that to generate the keys and move them to my target server? or do I generate the keys from the server side and import them into putty?

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