Top 7 Things System Administrators Forget to Do
Subject:   Number 7....
Date:   2007-05-05 06:23:36
From:   heynorton
Response to: Number 7....

This is to "moonsovermyspammy"

You said:
"You hired me to be a Systems Adminstrator, not a furniture mover. Isn't there a guy from maintenace or facilities better suited for this task?"

Did you not notice, that, in the example, the CTO (you know, an executive.. probably paid a lot more than you, and far more important to the company as a whole) was also trying to move the table?

Your ATTITUDE is why you don't advance, and nobody likes you. You are supposed to have a "Can-do" attitude, not a "That's someone elses job" attitude. People help each other. Thats your only job.

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