Graphical Toolkits for OS X: wxPython
Subject:   The GUI toolkits
Date:   2007-05-07 05:03:05
From:   miahfost
Response to: The GUI toolkits

Hey Roger,

1. Yes, I am about to publish (in the next week or so) an article on GTK which uses X11 from Apple.

2. Yes you can write server programs that show up on the desktop through ssh. The trick is to make sure X11 is running on the users desktop and to pass the -X (uppercase x) to ssh, like this;

ssh -X

Then run the program, like this;


3. Are you passing the -X switch when you ssh in? Double check you X11 confiiguration and you X windows configuration, it often requires some tweaking because of its default settings. That is to say, you may need to explicitly inform both the server and the client that exporting / importing X windows is allowed.

Hope that helps,


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