Top 7 Things System Administrators Forget to Do
Subject:   Number 7....
Date:   2007-05-08 09:35:18
From:   chm0dvii
Response to: Number 7....

Uhh, if they are getting paid a lot more, then they should be trying to move the table first. It's funny how the further you move up in management, the less real work you are expected to do. Why is it that everyone automatically assumes IT people are custodians/furniture movers/blue collar workers? I guarantee you that the same CTO would not ask an "accountant" or other white collar employees to do this same task. You know what their answer would be? "Oh, they have too many other important things to do" Ohhh, but not the underpaid, overqualified, IT guys! IT guys are always singled out for this kind of manual labor! We are the some of the smartest people in the company, white collar employees, just like everyone else, but get treated like blue collar construction workers, and still expected to know everything and be nice to everyone else, when the same courtesy is not shown toward us.

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