Subject:   RE: Using a camera where no flash is allowed
Date:   2007-05-12 21:07:39
From:   John.H
Response to: RE: Using a camera where no flash is allowed

Use a faster film NOT a slower film. Usually ASA OR ISO 400 is good enough.

If particularly dim conditions are experienced use an even faster film such as 800. Set film speed on camera and let it take care of working things out.

Some museums and other public buildings will not let you set up a tripod for fear of tripping someone, or blocking traffic - so holding camera still may be a problem for some people. If you are concerned about this then consider carrying a MONOPOD - like a one legged tripod.

Make sure you understand the difference between slide film and print film.

Before any once in a life-time trip splurge on a couple of rolls of film and practice in museums and art galleries in your home area.

John H - Ex RN Photog.