Rethinking the Linux Distribution
Subject:   requirements first (2)
Date:   2007-05-14 12:39:33
From:   Kuros
Response to: requirements first (2)

i agree that a kernel is needed, perhaps in modern day terms we would call it a micro-kernel... yes i think this is a deeper issue. I remember when I used to work on telecom applications (telephony) there was a specification called AIN0.2 (AIN=Advanced Intelligent Networking) which started with an abstract model of the digital telephone network, identifying all the major hardware components in the network (and communication protocols), then designing a set of primitives upon which one could in principle design and implement a wide range of telephony applications. Furthermore, a lot of of what you say reminds me of another specification, called X-Windows. At the time of its definition was pretty advanced and had the main elements of a networked application "system". It too modeled the entire network containing the application. I think such a model and a subsequent specification are a best starting point. Why do you feel that the browser is a good place for a kernel, i.e. why do we need a browser at all (I am not a browser specialist). As I mentioned in an earlier reply, sofar I am not too convinced that HTML (and HTTP) are the best way to go. Perhaps you are thinking of the browser, as not just a place for rendering HTML? Some language like Extended Javascript is naturally needed. I was thinking some kind of a homogeneous programming language that tied the client and server together would be best (Javascript has too much baggage attached perhaps). The final form of the language should at the very least, make networks transparent (or trivially easy to navigate) and make it easier to write interface using same syntax everywhere. I come from a J2EE background, and I have to laugh at the notion that I am doing object-oriented design/programming, because once I start working with Javascript, HTML or XML (which is quite a lot) or development tools, like ant etc. I realize that there is nothing OO about them, so the claim of OO with J2EE is not legitimate. One needs a language (perhaps OO) that would allow programming at all levels of a "WEB" application...

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