Joe Buissink on Capturing the Moment
Subject:   The Emporer's Clothes
Date:   2007-05-15 00:11:29
From:   DavidMedina
Response to: The Emporer's Clothes

I do admire Henri but I don't "woship" him. Why CPaul insist in comparing him with Joe is beyond me, but his statement about flash clearly shows his arrogance as a photographer. Flash, as the camera, are just a tool, and a good tradesman knows what is the right tool for the specific job.

Joe, as many photographers as myself inlcuded, are trying to do exactly what Henri devoted his life to do.... capturing the moment the best we can with any tools that WE SEE FIT. Who is Henri or CPaul to judge that?

I wonder if there is some sour grape becasue Joe is able to earn good money "capturing the moment"?