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  An Inside Look at XP SP2
Subject:   Hidden tooltips for taskbar/icontray
Date:   2007-05-15 10:33:00
From:   Nick_Acquaviva
Response to: Hidden tooltips for taskbar/icontray

This problem is caused by a bug in Windows that causes the taskbar tool-tips to lose their "topmost" window style and be covered up by the taskbar. Microsoft has acknowledged this problem exists (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912650), but has not yet fixed it.

Check out this web site for more information and a permanent fix:

Tool Tip Manager was written specifically to fix this annoying problem by processing taskbar window messages and resetting the "topmost" window style for tool-tips as needed, automatically. This program also allows you to customize the appearance of the task bar tool tips (font & color) and set the automatic hide timer value.


Nick Acquaviva

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