Top 15 Ant Best Practices
Subject:   Are you high?!
Date:   2007-05-16 12:45:08
From:   mleejr
Best practices?! Really? Section 10 talks about using OS LEVEL ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES for your tool paths?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It makes it a lot easier to just have a directory full of your tools and point to them with a variable in ant. That way, if a new guy comes along, he can just copy the directory structure and be up and running. And, if anyone wants to, they can EDIT THEIR BUILD PROPERTIES FILE LIKE THEY SHOULD! That's the place to make it system agnostic. That's why you typically have a,, etc. So if I include Jmeter and tomcat in my builds, rather than have a 'jmeter.home="/java/jmeter"' and a 'tomcat.home="/java/tomcat"' and then set 'tomcat.home="/otherdir/tomcat"' in your if you want to change it, you now have to set it in Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables...really? That's your suggestion?