Rethinking the Linux Distribution
Subject:   requirements first (2)
Date:   2007-05-17 00:46:23
From:   Kuros
Response to: requirements first (2)

You are right about the historical reason... In fact legacy is always a problem (not just in Webdevelopment) and so far no silver bullet for dealing with it. I also don't see a problem with using FF as a base, however you also have to deal with IE. Or are you assuming that FF will be the dominant browser? Again, I think DOM is really problematic, where it not for the necessity to use HTML, no GUI designer in their right mind would use DOM/HTML as a basis for GUI design. Bringing X-Windows into the Browser (what about IE?) is a great idea, if it means that I'd have a component hierarchy for GUI design (and also addressing the HTTP bottleneck). I think Sun had the right Idea with using Swing in the browser, but that project failed among other, because the JDK became too bloated, but I think a similar way is the way to go, instead of HTML. Perhaps using a layer of Javascript is sensible, sort of a javascript virtual machine, on top of which I'd use a more elegant (networked) language which also works on the serverside (I know that Javascript has also a server edition).

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