Graphical Toolkits for OS X: wxPython
Subject:   Request: Mixing Qt and Cocoa?
Date:   2007-05-17 04:38:43
From:   miahfost
Response to: Request: Mixing Qt and Cocoa?

Thank you for the comment. I am glad you find the article useful, at least I hope it was useful, and yes, I am going to be covering Qt shortly.

As far as combining the Cocoa and Qt systems I am a little skeptical. Could you explain more about how you would combine the two? Using Cocoa you can access Quartz and Core Foundations of the OS directly in an efficient manner which would obviate the need to Qt. But perhaps you have some Qt code that you want to use on the OS X platform - in that case I would look and see if you can use Qt and Objective-C together. Then you can have the cross platform windowing of Qt and the logic in Obj-C. If you intend to use that on another platform you need to make sure Obj-C is available on your chosen platform, which I think is available under Linux but I am unsure about Windows.