Rick LePage on Fine Art Printers for Aperture
Subject:   HP ICC Profiles
Date:   2007-05-17 04:54:45
From:   cheechmaroon
Would you fellas (I'm not sure who is or isn't an Aperture developer for Apple here) please fix the way Aperture incorrectly translates the HP ICC profiles for the HP 8750 8 ink printer. I don't know how many more great podcasts on print profiling I can listen to that just don't apply to me since I can't get any good printing results from this combo... and it definitely is an Aperture bug. PLEASE! Every other program prints just beautifully with the 8750 EXCEPT Aperture.

If the HP printer that you rave about here works so well, then it seems that this is just a minor bug that is getting ignored. I'd want to use my investments as advertised. (I have posted this on the Aperture Forum with no resolution). Here's an early THANKS for looking into this.