Subject:   Sync Palm with Virtual PC for the Mac
Date:   2007-05-18 07:06:17
From:   DaTinman
Response to: Sync Palm with Virtual PC for the Mac

I had exactly the sam eproblems as all of you guys. I disabled the hotsync manager in the mac then tried to sync and it wasnt haveing any of it. But then I played around with it for a bit and got it to work. Basically I disabled the hotsync manager for the mac launched VPC then launched palm desktop in windows. Next i went to the tab that said hotsync clicked it and went to setup (sometimes its greyed out because the hotsync manager for windows hasnt started up yet. if that happens relaunch palm desktop and hopefully the hotsync icon will appear inn the bottom left hand corner) then switch in setup to com port 2 on all the windows and in the last one that say TCP IP setings or whatever check the book that has your user name then click the bottom that brings up a dialouge with an ip number like 192.63.56 etcthen click ok. Then click hotsync on the cradle. You may have to go into the USB sttings window for VPC as soon as youve done it and check to see if the cradle is checked even if it is it sometimes helps to uncheck it then check it again. Even though this works now it dosent always launch (tempremental) and dosent always finish the sync but at least it starts and it dose appear to work although i think the problem is that the VPC is ultra slow in OS X. Hope that helps people