Rethinking the Java Curriculum: Goodbye, HelloWorld!
Subject:   I thought I said that in the article
Date:   2002-08-22 18:42:32
From:   dsteinberg
Response to: What HelloWorld is good for

Not to be argumentative -- but I said that HelloWorld "is a short, simple-to-write program with an immediately observable result." I believe those address (1) and (2).

As for point (3), I admit I'm at a loss. I don't find the words 'Hello World!' staring at me from a terminal window as being cheerful or friendly.

I also agree with your final point that HelloWorld is a system check and note in the article that this program is where the novice user first learns to use the editor, compiler, and first runs a Java application.

In other words, given all of the traditional benefits of the HelloWorld program, I am still suggesting that it is not the best way to start a course in object oriented programming.

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