Reading and Writing Excel Files with POI
Subject:   doubt in POI Excel
Date:   2007-05-29 23:22:08
From:   questions12354
Hello sir/Madam

This is sathesh kumar.p ,working as a software engineer at 3c ware pvt ltd.

Right now we are developing reporting tool that generate reports in excel as per customer format.

I am using POI excel to store reports in excel and i am facing list of problems.

1> I can't able to insert png picture , i can but when i am inserting more then one the last inserted picture only present.

2> Putting border for the merged cell i can but i can't able to get what i need.
| |
| xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx |
| xxx |
| xxx |
| |
xxx- some text with under line

3> How to set user defined colors for the cell.

4>how to remove grid ie (toogle grid option)

I am awaiting for your replay . please reply me in my id sir my id is

With regards
sathesh kumar p