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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Does CFMX end up in user CFMX/Public/Drop Box?
Date:   2002-08-23 07:25:00
From:   dicklacara
Response to: Does CFMX end up in user CFMX/Public/Drop Box?

Again, if you followed directions, there should be only 2 files in /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box:

cfmxdnld.bin 115 MB
cfmxinst.bin 100 MB

These are the compressed files. You can delete them , once you have a successful install (see below).

If you have hundreds of subdirectories and files in /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box, then you made a mistake in the install procedure -- you decompressed the cfmxinst.bin file to the wrong place. (pretty easy to fix)

Delete the folder labeled opt within /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box.

Resume the installation procedure at Page 10, Install ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X.

Take care to do step 3 -- this will cause the opt folder to be created at the root file level (your hard disk) rather than within /Users/cfmx/Public/Drop Box.

If you still have problems, email me directly!