Building a Simple Search Engine with PHP
Subject:   Help - please!
Date:   2007-06-02 12:20:19
From:   88guy
I have spent days on this thing and I have one, enormous problem. By the way, I'm 55 and fairly new to all of this (Php and Mysql). On my linux server I easily created the database and added the tables. However, when I try to run the populate.php script in a browser I get a parsing error. I have added "populate.phprl=" at the bottom of the script, as advised by a previous poster. However, with little knowledge of php I am assuming that I am adding it minus brackets, in the wrong place, etc -something is not right. If I do not add the previous line I simply get the message about needing to add a URL for indexing.

Very specifically - please - where does a line like this go and what, precisely, is it's syntax (should it be proceeded by } and followed by {, etc.)?

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  1. Help - please!
    2007-06-02 13:51:36  88guy [View]

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